Hot Yoga While Pregnant?

Please set the record straight on hot yoga while pregnant! Doctor says no, others say its okay if you’re a long time hot yogi. I miss Moksha! – Katie

It’s always difficult to give up things you love (coffee anyone?) but I would have to agree with the doc on this one. Hot yoga classes can increase your core temperature and during pregnancy, you want to avoid overheating to protect baby. Try other yoga classes at room temperature and as your pregnancy progresses, you can join a prenatal yoga class. You’ll want to avoid yoga postures lying flat on your back or on your stomach after week 16. Good luck!

  • Motherof4Monkeys

    I did hot yoga until I was 32 weeks pregnant in my second pregnancy. My doctor said “Oh no. You can’t do that!” My response was, I did before we conceived and was practicing until we found put we were pregnant again. I did all the modifications so there was no excess pressure on the belly and did all the recovery savasanahs on my side. The result, a happy mommy and a delightfuly calm tempered baby. Your energy transfers to yur baby so do it, but only if it feels right for you :) Eastern health philosophies differ tremendously from Western ones. You know your body best.

  • cker

    good to know!

  • Bepverburg

    good to know!

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