Home Day Care or Professional Providers?

Now that “M” is at the age where she’s really active. ’m thinking having her go to a professional provider (even part-time) would be a good mix for her. She’s very talkative, loves interacting with other kids and really she’s such a smart cookie that I think she can totally strive in that type of environment. I do love home daycares though… they are more personal and I think they actually truly love those kids. Plus, realistically, can I afford to stick her in a daycare that costs the same amount as our mortgage? Like wow.

Please share your thoughts with me – what did you do? Did you end up staying home, to save the money? Pro provider? Home daycare? Split? Help! Any horror stories? places to stay away from? Places you loved?

She’s such a big girl now. I’ve gotta try to do what’s best for her and I think she needs this to prepare her for school (gawd another horror to deal with…fun times, fun times).

Wish me luck! Today we’re doing a walk-through.

  • http://profiles.google.com/weidknecht Lisa Weidknecht

    I have great news for you!  You can find professionals in home daycares! I run a nationally accredited home daycare and have a B.S. in Child Development and a Master’s in Early Education. Find an accredited childcare provider through the search at http://nafcc.org/. You can view my program at http://www.allaboarddaycare.com.

  • Howtorunahomedaycare

    Finding a professional that runs a home daycare is the ideal in my option. I happen to be one and I know there are others out there.  Good luck in your search! 

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