Halloween…our family traditon

Growing up around this time of year was nuts! My mom, obsessed with Halloween. Our house was the one on the street that everyone HAD to see what we came up with that year. From painting the front windows by hand with a Halloween landscape to hanging paper bats in the entire main floor of the house for the “full effect”, this was the time of year I grew to love. Plus, Halloween also meant that my birthday was right around the corner as well…literally.

I remember years where everyone freaked over everything we had done. Scary music and cobwebs, pumpkins and Mom dressing up were some of the best times I remember. One of my favourite costumes was one my Mom made me, Lydia from Beetlejuice, complete with cobweb skirt. That year my Dad was the grim reaper and Mom was actually Beetlejuice, we had a blast!

Actually, come to think of it, I remember years where I went out trick or treating with some of my cousins too. The one I remember most was when my parents threw me a surprise birthday party with my Dad’s side of the family and we all went out as jailbirds trick or treating together. Stripes suits, hats, shackled together with plastic cuffs and dragging a ball and chain each. And, of course me clawing my eyes out while everyone sang “Happy Birthday”. I have a thing with all attention being on me, not a fan. I do have an excuse… I was probably only about 5 or 6 and super shy. Funny thing is, M is just like me that way; her last birthday was the first one she didn’t completely ball through.

I’m super excited to take M and T out this year. I have 3 costumes lines up for him and a ton of options for her – total photo opp but what parent doesn’t totally do that. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! Get lots of candy and have a blast!

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