Got to “hand” it to Thanksgiving!

I’m really excited that this will be T’s first Thanksgiving so I’ve been coming up with a handful messy craft ideas we’re going to try to tackle!

1. Hand and fingerprint turkeys

  • Bust out the paint, slather it on and use your hand and finger prints to make fun turkeys for cards…pictures…place settings and keepsakes. Make sure someone helps the little ones with drawing in the feet, beak and eyes.

2. Fall Wreaths

  • Let your little one’s  to get into the stamp ink or paint and make a bunch of different fall colored hand prints on construction paper.
  • Cut out the prints and glue them together in a large (or wreath) shape.
  • For added touches, glue on other items found on their walk home from school like leaves, small pine cones and acorns.
  • Add a fancy bow to hang, viola!

3. Fall leave place mats

  • On the way home from a nature walk, collect a ton of different color leaves (don’t forget to include different sizes as well).
  •  Put a piece of contact paper (like 2-sided tape….but in sheet form, craft stores carry it) face up on the table.
  • Arrange the leaves the way you would like to see them and stick them face down onto the contact paper.
  • The next step…there are 2 options… you can stick down another piece of contact paper sticky side down on top of the other, or a piece of construction paper and then another piece of contact paper. You can also decorate the construction paper before sticking it down!
  • Whichever way you prefer, once the 2 sheets are together make sure you rub all the bubbles out and you have your very own place mat!

I can’t wait to do all three crafts with M and T… it’ll be really fun. M loves going for long walks and T loves getting messy so I’ll be sure to have the camera ready! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

  • MsGir

    Two ways to make turkey’s .. Either the full hand with the tumb being the mouth or use the foot upside down for the body and multiple hands behind it fingers up for the tail .. I do the latter every year with my preschoolers and will try doing it with my 7 month old but in paint this year

    • Baby Bottom Line

      OMG… LOVE the foot idea!!!! Will be easier for T!!! Thanks :)

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