Big girl school…YIKES! She’s gonna starve to death!

D-day is coming, M goes to JK! While I’m happy and sad at the same time, I completely understand that she IS in fact growing up but I’m more scared of having to prepare her LUNCH more than anything else. She was awesome in pre-school, adjusted well, had fun and learned a ton. However, I didn’t have to make her lunch and she’s kinda picky sometimes! She also takes forever to eat a meal, so I’m not sure how this is going to fair over in the classroom. Hopefully she just sits and eats with her classmates, and it’s more of a monkey-see monkey-do affect.

With that in mind I found a few cute ideas that I’m going to throw out there to everyone… let me know if you have tried these and if your kids love them!

#1 – Veggie Kabobs: load up cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, and cheese! Plus you can always add some meat and bread to make it like little sandwiches… M likes extra lean kolbasa so I think this is a really cute idea.
#2 – Bento Box: mix anything from crackers to peas in separate containers to make sure your little one gets all their food groups at lunch.
#3 – Pita Pizzas: pita wedges, salsa and cheese on the side..,let them dip and make their own little pizzas! This sounds fun. Not sure about clean up though!
#4 – Roll-ups: flat whole wheat wraps and add in anything your little one likes. Roll’em up and cut up into small pinwheels.

I think I’ll start her with a bento box of goodies… goldfish crackers, tuna sandwich, cherry tomatoes and apple slices plus peanut free brownie for snack. Is that’s even enough food? Do you find your child eats more/less while they’re at school? I’m freaking out over here a few weeks to go!! AHHHHH!!! I am that Mom that makes lunch fun with different shapes and colours, hopefully she won’t be trading her lunch for someone else’s who isn’t as healthy! Wish me luck!

  • Debbie

    Good luck! I feel the exact same way!!!

    • Lisa Bbl

      Thanks Debbie! You too!

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