A day in the life of a high risk pregnancy

I’m almost there, 30 weeks – 7 to go! Yes, I have the pleasure of a repeat c-section at 37 weeks… YAY! LOL. Because of the emergency c-section with M and her being breech, I can’t go into labor with baby T or we risk some serious complications.

What does a high risk pregnancy mean to the one going through it? It means OB appointments regularly, pre-eclampsia specialist appointments on opposite weeks, diabetic clinic (I didn’t pass my glucose test by .1, so now I have to monitor my sugar levels four times a day… UGH) and a ton of other consultations, check-ups and specialist appointments. It also means taking my blood pressure numerous times a day, kick counts, ketone tests, logging a food diary and a whole bunch of extra ultra sounds, blood work and urine cultures. Sounds like fun, eh?

So far so good, I’ve gained about 15 lbs. Baby T is already about 3lbs and right on track for development and growth! Actually, come to think of it, I’m pretty laid back considering all the extra hoops I have to jump through. Over the next few weeks is when the appointments will really start to ramp up so just have to hang in there for another seven to eight weeks and I’ll be a happy camper!

Once he’s here I’ll be able to put this all behind me and have only the fond memories of him bouncing around in my belly, which really is the only thing that reminds me that I’m even pregnant! This pregnancy has been so different than with M. I can still wear my rings, and no kankles this time LOL! I’m sleeping better, not stuffed up at all and it’s all belly. My husband actually said the other day that I have a nicer belly this time… totally out front and round! HAHA!

I guess it is true that not every pregnancy is the same, or as horrible in my case! I’m officially on countdown now!

  • Dkcorrigan

    OMG you are like my twin. LOL . I am 31 weeks have had high blood pressure since 17 weeks along and I had diabetes to start with. But like you I was induced at 36 weeks 6 days with my son and ended up with a c-section. So with this one is it a planned C-section. Also at 30 weeks I had an ultrasound and this one is 3lbs. and this pregnancy no swelling or anything.

    • Baby Bottom Line

      No way!!! Guess what I got now…. Summoned for JURY DUTY! – Fun times!!!! As if I didn’t have enough to worry about!

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