Why I decided to take the plunge

So it’s finally happened, I have hired myself a cleaning lady. Yes it’s expensive, but you know what? M isn’t in preschool anymore so we’re saving money that way and this is the only time I will be off like this with both of them. When will the next time be? When I retire?

I’m not about to spend the next 11 months cleaning two plus hours a day (outside of regular tidying up etc. we’re not pigs lol). M goes to school in September, which means I only have seven months with her. I’ll never get this time back to spend with them. So yes, I am treating myself, and all of us.

Some people think I’m crazy and it’s unnecessary but do you like scrubbing your floors and washing windows? I don’t. I’d rather go out for a walk, hit-up Chapters, go to the park or having a play date. To tell you the truth, I can’t stand vacuuming… I’d rather be ripping my hair out one by one then pushing around the machine that everyone, including fur babies, are scared of. Have you ever had a cat hiss at the same thing the dog is barking at while one kid hides and the other screams bloody murder? Welcome to my Monday’s people.

So cheers to a clean house, more fun and a baby that sleeps 6 hours straight! This is going to be great!

  • cgoncalves

    I think if you’re financially able to have a cleaning lady then take advantage of the time with your children. Who wants to be inside cleaning during the summer anyways?

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