Why Blog?

A few of my friends have asked me why all of a sudden I decided to start a blog. In all honesty, I don’t know. For most people it could be a small enough reason just to say “I’m bored” or “I need something new”…. for me… it’s not that I don’t feel fulfilled in any aspect of my life… it’s more of a “what next”.

I’ve always been the type of person that likes to try new things… likes to be heard and always seems to be the person that people dish all their problems to. I love my job… and my current working arrangement, love the type of work I do, and the people I work with. I have great friends that continually wonder how I seem to be able to add new things to my “to-do” list, and have a family that I wouldn’t change for the world.

I finished an online certificate….do photography on the side (and I’m honoured that a friend asked me to shoot her wedding), I go to my husband’s baseball games, I’m a product tester, I like to paint, I like getting the newest gadgets, I like to read and I love reality TV. Someone would ask… what don’t you like? Well… I don’t like grocery shopping and I despise the treadmill. It is my nemesis… but unfortunately… I think I’ll have to meet up with it again sooner rather than later. Yuck!

I’m the one people come to when they have to “spruce” up their resume, because for some reason, I have a knack for making things sound good. Go figure. Me, the one person who can’t think she can actually write, is actually writing about everything in her everyday life. Weird.

For some reason choosing to blog came easy to me, I needed another outlet to be creative and have the freedom to speak my mind without templates, excel spread sheets or a program telling me that my punctuation is wrong. I just felt like writing…..

When it comes down to it…I am a mother….a daughter…a wife…a dog walker, an employee, a friend, a cousin, a team player, a shoulder to cry on, and psychiatrist to those who need it…. and now I’m a blogger.

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