Welcome Baby T!

YAY! Baby T is here! Born December 30th. I totally didn’t make it to my scheduled C-section date. I had a feeling I wouldn’t and I was off by a few days. Want the deets? Here they are!

I went to the hospital with contractions, was monitored for an hour or so, then the doctor came in and we decided it was game time! Baby T was born at 2:35 pm, weighing 7lbs 4oz (over double M’s birth weight). He did spend a few days in the NICU to get rid of some fluid and gain a bit of weight back but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. M was there for five and a half weeks… two days – I could do that in my sleep. I got discharged then spent two days in the NICU courtesy rooms with T until he gained some weight back.

I was strictly breast feeding so we didn’t know how much he was getting. He ended up losing 10% so I started pumping for him to make sure he was getting enough and topping up when I had too. We came home on January 3rd, my actual scheduled C-section date LOL.

I, on the other hand, starting going kookoo in the courtesy room. My blood pressure went through the roof and I ended up getting some meds to get it under control. It was probably due to stress, but who knows. Apparently some women get eclampsia AFTER the baby is born. I don’t think I was one of those “lucky” few but lack of sleep probably just got the best of me. Meh… everything is okay now, just still a bit sore and trying to do too much has set me on my butt a few times already.

Life with an almost four year old and a two week old is nuts! I’m exhausted, hubby is back to work (ugh) and M is acting up and driving me insane! I don’t think it’s a jealousy thing, I think it’s a total adjustment of being home with me, new brother, room and her attitude is out of control and my patience is extremely thin. It’ll all get better right?

On the other hand, T is SUUUUPER cute! Some babies aren’t the cutest when they pop out, you all know what I mean, but he’s perfect. He has blue eyes (so far staying that way), dirty blonde hair (I have a feeling it may get darker because M was really blonde at birth and his is darker). He has the same shape to his face and eyes like she does, even their noses are the same. I think if she was born with more meat on her they could pass for twins except he has more of my complexion.

The doctors and nurses were great and it was awesome to have some of the same NICU ladies taking care of T that took care of M. All of our favorites were there. Another huge thank you to them!

I’m glad it’s all over and we’re home. Now to get into a routine. I can’t wait for T to sleep through the night! It’ll make me one happy Mommy!!

  • joanna garcia

    aww he is so adorable!! CONGRATS!!

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thank you! :)

  • Michele Clarke


    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thank you!

  • Elkfordian

    What a lovely babe. I am so happy for your family, Congrats to you all. I wish I was close enough to babysit so you could have a NAP!

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thank you! LOL…I’m exhausted!!!

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