Wearing Many Hats

It’s been over a year since we made the decision for me to quit my longtime career to stay home with our girls.

It wasn’t a decision we took lightly. We knew that it would mean that money would be tight, we couldn’t ‘keep up with the Joneses’ and some sacrifices would have to be made. But it was the right move for us and we have no regrets.

I have nothing against being a working mom. Many of my friends manage to find a balance between work and mommy-hood and I have a huge respect for them. But for me, staying home was the right fit. It’s been a truly incredible experience being able to see our girls grow and change day by day, minute by minute.

As I mentioned though, we knew that financially it wouldn’t be easy.

Becoming a health and fitness coach has been a wonderful opportunity. It’s connected me to many like-minded women, I’ve helped them make some positive changes and I’ve also made some money doing it along the way. When it comes to groceries and gas money it’s really helped cover our bills. But every now and then life throws something at you, and although it’s not necessary to dip into savings to cover the expenses, a ‘little more’ would help make us feel a little more comfortable.

And this is where we are at right now.

My husband (bless him) said he would pick up some more work to make some extra money. To which I quickly responded NO. He’s already supporting our little family so much and I could never expect him to do that. So I decided to go back to work… In the evenings at a restaurant…back to my days as a server.

So now I get to be a stay at home mommy and coach during the day and a dining room server by night.


brianne hats


I’m tired and nervous yet excited and happy to be helping our family in yet another way.

Life is all about balance and finding a way to make it all work and fit. As tiring as it might be right now, I know once I get into a new groove everything will balance out.

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