Cold and Flu Season

Well it’s that time of year again, time for the stuffy noses and coughs not to mention the fevers and aches.

I should’ve expected it, especially with the twins starting preschool, but it actually caught me off guard.

First came the earaches, then the stuffy noses, followed by coughing. It had been so long since the girls had been sick that I was left scrambling to remember what to do to help give them some relief. Did we have any children’s Advil? What about something to ease their coughs and sniffles? And where on earth had I left the medicine syringes?

Not to worry, after a few panicked moments it came back to me quickly; the vaporizers and homeopathic medicine, propping up pillows and saline spray.

We are now all restocked for the inevitable season of hacking, sneezing, sniffling and snot so I thought I would mention a couple of key items that we use this time of year:

To help boost their immune systems:

  • Liquid multivitamins
  • HMF probiotics

When they seem to be coming down with something:

  • Elderberry syrup
  • humidifier
  • UV germ guardian (this is our secret weapon, it’s actually a UV light that kills germs and bacteria in the room. We have one in their bedroom and one in ours).

When they get hit with a cold:

  • Children’s Advil
  • 0-9 cough and cold daytime
  • 0-9 cough and cold nighttime (this one is crucial as it contains a natural ingredient that helps them sleep)
  • Helexia cough and cold
  • baby Vicks
  • vicks vapo pads
  • Hydrasense spray (and if they won’t go for that then Boogie Wipes)

As you can see it takes quite an arsenal of supplies to help us get through this season of germs but each item plays an important roll. Up next, flu shots…that’s a blog unto itself.



*note: these are all items that I use from personal choice. I am not employed by or paid to promote them.*


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