Tough Pregnancy

Recently, I read Sandy’s blog “The top 10 things I loved about being pregnant” and I have to admit I got a little bit of baby fever. I loved being pregnant. I have never felt as strong and confident as I did when I was pregnant. As I read through Sandy’s list I agreed with everything and ideas of a third baby starting dancing around my mind. I think Mr. C might be getting nervous.

In fact I’m getting nervous so to combat those nerves I decided to list the things I don’t miss about being pregnant. Cause let’s face it, as much as we love being pregnant, there are aspects that aren’t always pleasant.

1) Nausea: Might as well start with the very worst part of pregnancy. If you are lucky enough to be one of those people who never felt sick you can move on. If, however, you were like me and felt sick morning, noon and night for the entire 40 weeks then you feel my pain. I threw up every single day for the entire pregnancy with my daughter. I carried plastic bags around with me everywhere and was known to pull the car over and heave into the bag during my morning commute. I lived on gingerale because, for some reason, it was the only thing that made me feel a little better. There may even have been a time where Mr. C. simply uttered the word “poo” causing me to make a quick dash to closest loo. I definitely do not miss the nausea that I experienced during pregnancy.

2) Heartburn: Not to be confused with nausea, heartburn is equally as irritating. Waking you from a deep sleep that burning feeling makes you feel sick and hurts all at the same time. Nothing made it better for me. There were nights that I had to prop myself up three pillows high to give me just a little bit of relief.

3) Itchy Skin: When I was pregnant I rubbed my belly down morning, noon and night with whatever cream, lotion or oil I could find. As my belly grew, my skin felt tighter and drier and was sooooo itchy. When I was pregnant the first time I miscalculated the amount of space I had between my belly and the frying pan on the stove and ended up with a big long burn scar right in the middle of my belly. When I was pregnant the second time that scar stretched out and itched all the time. When I wasn’t peeing, I was scratching my belly! Which leads to….

4) Pee: Yep, I said it. Everything to do with pee annoyed me when I was pregnant. It started out with the constant need to pee. The constant trips to the bathroom all day long and don’t even mention how many times a night I would wake up having to roll myself out of bed and shuffle off to the bathroom! As irritating as that might have been I must admit it what I found particularly difficult was the fact that I would pee every time I sneezed. If I coughed too hard or even let out a hysterical laugh I would let out a little pee! No one told me that would happen before I was pregnant.

I will not, for one moment, even pretend I didn’t love being pregnant. I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience that miracle not once, but twice! It was the most amazing time of my entire life. That’s why, every now and then, I get baby fever and start thinking maybe we should expand our little family. Sandy’s blog recounting some of the aspects of pregnancy she loved reminded me just how much I loved it. When that longing hits, sometimes I remind myself that it wasn’t all fun and games. Along with beauty there was a little bit of pain. There were some tough parts of pregnancy.

I guess the old saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy.

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