Tis The Season

Christmas is just around the corner and I am looking forward to it!  Not only are we expecting our little boy New Year’s Eve but my little Princess is of an age now where Christmas is even more exciting. She is picking the gifts that she would like to receive ad helping me pick the gifts that we will give to our family and friends.

Last year I tried to explain to her that Christmas is not only about getting presents.  She was a little young but I wanted her to understand that there are some families who don’t have a lot of money and won’t be getting a lot of gifts.  We went to the store and we picked two toys, one for a little boy and one for a little girl that we would donate to Toys for Tots.  This is a tradition I hope to carry on every year to help teach my children that it is just as rewarding to give as it is to receive.

I would love to hear what traditions you have that you share with your children.

  • http://myvampfiction.com Susanashlea

    I’m big on supporting the local food banks.  I love Toys for Tots and the Angel Tree, and have supported them for many years. One of my biggest things, though, is making sure people are able to have a good, hot meal.  My parents used to volunteer at our community’s annual Thanksgiving feast and for many years, I spent the day serving meals to anyone and everyone in the community.  Unfortunately, the town I live in doesn’t do that anymore, but I still try to spread awareness for the food banks and how we can support them easily. This time of year is harder for everyone, so it’s nice to try and help a family have a good meal on the table.

  • Kelly Derlago

    I’m already planning on donating to Toys for Tots w/ Madison.  She may be too young to understand what’s going on this year, but I still think it’s important to instill these values early in our little ones.

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