Time to bust my butt into gear…and back into my skinny jeans!

So I’ve finally decided that it’s time for me- no one else. I started my “healthy” new life with a 7 day detox (The Brown Rice Detox) and lost 8lb in 7 days. Yes, I know, most of it is water but I thought it would be a great kick-start to busting my butt on P90x.

Today was my first P90x day and really I couldn’t do any of it. Like nothing! The first day is all about the core and literally a ton of push-ups. I can’t do a push-up if my life depended on it so I did as many as I could the “lady” way with my knees down… man I’m out of shape. Anything I couldn’t do I kept moving by doing something else and once I grabbed my shower and a recovery drink I felt like a million bucks!

I wore the jeans on Monday that I wore on the first day of my detox and I noticed a big difference they fit better and didn’t feel like a porker in them.

Let’s see how long I can last. P90x is crazy… but I’m gonna give it my all!

  • Jillianblanchard

    P90X is the best thing ever! If you can stick with it – even 3-4 times a week, you will see results and you feel stronger than you ever have before!
    Tony’s workout will help you feel amazing~

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