These Boots are made for…my Girls!

How many one-and-a-half year olds do you know with custom boots? Well add mine to the list. Now before you judge me for getting special boots made for my girls who will likely grow out of them before they wear them out, please let me explain.

Last winter when the girls were crawling like crazy I put them in Padraig slippers. I LOVED those slippers and wanted something similar for them this winter for those days that it’s not snowing, not raining but just a cool day outside or a trip to the mall. Now that they’re walking around like crazy I worried that the suede bottom on the Padraig’s wouldn’t hold up outdoors while the girls ran around.

I found so many designs for cute crocheted boot patterns or adorable boots for purchase on sites like Etsy but none of them had outdoor appropriate soles, so I found an alternative.

I found Lil’ Sweetie’s Crochet online and started chatting with the creator throwing ideas back and forth. Megan was amazing to work with and went above and beyond to figure out a plan to make my vision for outdoor crocheted booties a reality…for a reasonable price.

She ended up finding some toddler flip flops at a local store to use for the soles and used an adorable crochet pattern for the boots. She filled the three holes on the bottom of the flip flops with silicone and laced some extra yarn through the ankles of the boots to help keep them on (my girls like to pull their shoes off at any given opportunity).

I put in my order for two pairs of boots, customized in size, colour and description on the Wednesday and I picked them up on the Sunday! She admitted she could have mailed them to me but I was too excited to wait.



I’m so happy with my girls custom boots and I’ve had so many compliments on them.

I did run into a little snag in that my girls have very narrow feet (something I had failed to mention to Megan when she was making the boots). This resulted in their feet sliding a bit inside their boots. I managed to fix it by attaching some cotton-like foam inside to keep their feet from slipping and tied some extra yarn that Megan had given me around the lower ankle to tie them a bit tighter.

In hindsight I could have purchased the Padraigs and sprayed the bottom with a rubber coating to make them more durable outdoors…mind you, if I had done that, I wouldn’t have one of a kind booties for my girls.

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