The truth is in the diaper

“You’re feeding her again? Didn’t you just feed her?”

“Are you sure you are producing enough breast milk? He seems hungry.”

Breastfeed or bottle feed… whichever way you choose to feed your baby, the truth is, you’re his mom and you want what’s best for him… so naturally you are going to willingly provide nourishment.

While some people take cues about how healthy a baby is by how many rolls they have and how pudgy their legs and cheeks are, that is likely just genetics.  Others marvel at how often a breastfed baby likes to feed. Truth is, not all babies feed the same way, I was blessed with one of each – I was a 24-hour drive thru for my son, while my daughter was feeding every four hours at an early age. If you really want to know if your baby is getting enough, the truth really is in the diaper.

You’ll know if your baby is eating/drinking enough by keeping an eye on how often they have a dirty diaper. Simple as that. After the first couple of weeks your baby should have six to eight heavy diapers per day — the amount of bowel movements depend on whether they are breastfed or bottle-fed. You can ask your midwife or doctor or call your local Public Health nurse with any questions about what to expect.

So the next time somebody asks you if you think your baby is getting enough milk, smile and ask them if they’d like to see first hand by actually changing a diaper. Put very simply: if you’re not getting anything in, one thing’s for sure, nothing is going to come out.

This is basic stuff people. Stay out of other people’s diapers unless you’re volunteering to change them.

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