The Other WHAT?

I know that the doctor in the ER had told us there was a possibility of twins, but after experiencing one miscarriage and then having a huge scare thinking we were going through it all over again, all that my husband and I really focused on was when he said “Yes, you’re still pregnant…”

As I mentioned, my husband and I really didn’t think we were having twins. The doctor had said there was a possibility, but that it could just be debris… to this day, I’m still not sure what that means, but either way, we weren’t betting on two bundles of joy. I’m not sure why, after all twins do run in both of our families. My husband’s sister and his cousin both have twins, my grandmother has twin sisters and my grandfather’s brother has triplets, yet for some reason, it just wasn’t on our radar.

Before I knew it, two weeks had flown by since our visit to the ER and my mom was picking me up for my eight week ultrasound appointment.

As I lay there on the bed, I was hoping for the best but honestly I didn’t know what to expect.

The technician was very straight forward and thorough and decided to not only give me an external ultrasound but an internal one as well just to be sure.

I stared at the screen, not knowing what I was looking at, but just hoping to see something. After a few moments, that felt like hours, the technician said, “Oh yes, there’s definitely two in there.”

I think I stopped breathing.

The only people who knew about our possibility of twins were our parents, and since we just shrugged it off, I don’t think they put much thought into it either.

The technician called my mom into the room for what could be the best reaction ever.

She moved the equipment around to get a good image for my mom and started describing the baby on the screen, pointing out the heartbeat, etc. Just when my mom thought the technician was finished explaining what she was seeing on the monitor she then said, “and over here is the other one…” To which my mom responded, “The other WHAT?!”

Tears of joy then followed once she realized she was going to be a first time grandma of twins.

The next thing to do after gaining my composure was to call my unsuspecting husband with the news.

The conversation went as follows:

“Hi babe, are you sitting down?”

“No, why?”

“Well let’s just say it’s good that we have a decent sized spare room.”


“Because we’re going to need to fit two cribs in there.”


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