The Little Things

I’ve always tried to appreciate the little things in life: sticky notes from my hubby, someone bringing me a coffee when I least expect it, spending time with my family and friends.

Now as a first (and second) time mom I think the ‘little’ things have become even smaller and I appreciate them so much more.

A silly little thing that I’ve come to appreciate on a daily basis are sweaters or shirts with pockets. When you’ve got your hands full with two babies, pockets are crucial in order to carry the oh-so-important soother or favourite toy. Shirts with pockets have become a staple for my daily wardrobe.

When I go out to the mall or grab a coffee, 90-percent of the time I have the girls with me. I am so thankful for being a mom and the journey that got us here (I dedicated my Thanksgiving blog to this). I’ve realized there are many things that I’m also thankful for during that 10-percent of the time that I have to myself:

1. Using the escalator. I never thought I would find joy in using the escalator. Most times I’m walking in circles around the mall to find the elevators while pushing the twins in their double stroller.

2. Being able to fit into stores. Most times I bump into displays, ironically enough, most times while I’m in baby clothing stores.

3. Leaving the house. When I’m on my own leaving the house is just that: no diaper bag to pack, no babies to bundle up, just my coat, shoes and purse and I’m out the door.

4. Cranking up the tunes while driving in the car…and it not being kids music.

5. Finishing a coffee. I still always grab a coffee when out with the girls but I rarely finish it. I either forget it in the car while shopping or it sits in my baby cup holder until it’s cold.

6. Carrying a purse instead of a diaper bag. I have a great diaper bag and it holds a lot, but it’s nice every so often to be able to use my leather purse.

It’s not a big list, just a few little things that I’ve come to appreciate that never even crossed my mind prior to having my two beautiful girls.

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