The First Year; How Time Flies

I had heard many times from many new moms that the first year that you have with your baby flies by. I remember reading their quotes: ‘I can’t believe it’s been a year since I gave birth to so-and-so’ or ‘It feels like just yesterday that we brought home so-and-so.’

Now, after just celebrating the twins’ first birthday I completely understand what they meant!

Rewind to the first few weeks after giving birth to the girls. Time felt like it was creeping by, especially since we didn’t have them home with us. Spending hours and hours each day sitting with them in the NICU and only being able to hold them during scheduled times made the days and the hours creep by.

Once we were able to bring them home, time crept by for different reasons. Lack of sleep, learning how to deal with reflux, breastfeeding issues and just figuring out our new life as parents made each day seem longer than normal. I won’t lie, the first three months was difficult and as much as I didn’t know how I would survive it I just knew that I would.

Once the girls hit the four month mark things started to change. Maybe it was the fact that when they smiled at me it wasn’t just because of gas, they were actually smiling because of me! We had finally gotten a handle on their reflux, settled into a routine and to our pleasant surprise the girls were actually great sleepers.

As the months went on and little milestones were hit we couldn’t believe just how fast time was passing by. One minute our girls were practicing tummy time, the next they were sitting up by themselves, followed by crawling and then standing in next to no time! It almost seemed like a form of momentum took over and once our girls tackled one obstacle they were on to the next.

Now our girls are one and trying harder every day to take their first steps without mommy and daddy’s help.

It’s true what they say, the first year does fly by.

So for those reading this who are currently knee deep in the first three months, you may be exhausted and at times overwhelmed and wondering how on earth you’ll survive, but trust me, you will. You’ll start enjoying every moment and before you know it, your little one will be celebrating a first birthday too. So as much as you might be wishing the time to pass at first, don’t. Take a deep breath, take in every moment no matter how trying it may seem and enjoy each and every second that the first year brings.

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