The first time I left my baby.

We are very lucky to have a fantastic baby sitter. Also known as my mom or vóvó (grandma in Portuguese) to my kids. Since I birthed these little ones she has been there from day one to take care of them at the drop of a hat. She has even been known to cancel plans to babysit for us — she only tells me she’s done this after the fact because I would never ask her to cancel plans to accommodate me.

The title of this should actually be “The First Time I Left the Country Without My Baby”. It was a little scary. I knew that he would be well taken care of. He was about 20 months old and ‘sleeping through the night’ (sort of).

My cousin, husband and brother in law wanted to celebrate their birthdays (just one day apart) in Las Vegas. I had never been there and I was super excited mostly because I love to play three card poker * ahem * but I was also really excited to spend a weekend away with my husband and some good friends & family.

The one thing that was weighing on me was that I would be leaving the country. What if something happened to me? What if there was an emergency back home and I couldn’t get back fast enough? I was travelling across time zones and over the border! Much different than going out to dinner for a few hours, or having him sleep over at my mom’s or my sister’s place.

But I sucked it up because I knew that it would be good for us (and it may even be good for my little one) to have a weekend away.

I remember sitting by the pool one day and thinking, “I wish Andreas was here.” All I could think about was his little face and how cute he was and how nice it would be to get a delicious hug from my baby. But then I went back to reading my magazine. It really was so nice to have time to myself.

We had a great time! My baby was safe and happy with his grandma and we had a wonderful weekend in a crazy city. I would tell you more, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… or so I hear.


Nick and I at the airport ready for a weekend of * cough * sleep.


Have you left the country without your baby? How did it go for you?

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