The birds and the bees

For the record: I am a 37 year old mother of two and I have no idea how birds and bees procreate. There I said it. No shame in that. Knowing (or not knowing?) is half the battle. Thanks GI Joe.

Anyway, I have yet to be asked how babies are made by my two lovely children.

One time I had a conversation with my son when he was five years old while we were brushing our teeth. It went like this:

Andreas: “Mommy how do babies come out of your belly?”

Me: “When they are ready, they mostly come out of vaginas.”

Andreas: “Babies come out of the same place pee comes from?!” (He looked very shocked and appalled actually.)

Me: “No. Pee comes out of the urethra.”

Andreas: “Oh.” Rinsed, and left the bathroom.

He never asked me again. I guess that was good enough for him at the time? I am all for open discussions and honest answers about our bodies and how they work, but I don’t really want to give more than they are asking for at this point in time. Have your kids asked you yet?

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