Terrible Teething

At 19-months old almost all of my girls’ teeth have come in. They started teething around 10-months of age so it’s been a very long process.

It hasn’t been a painful one though (for them or for me). Each of them struggled with a bit of pain when their first two teeth came in, oh so many months ago, but ever since then, even when their first set of molars came in they didn’t even flinch.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving weekend this year.

I had heard that the K9 teeth (or eye teeth) are painful ones. No one could really tell me why, but I was warned by many fellow mommies.

That October long weekend will never be forgotten in our household. Fevers, tears, drooling, rashes and a virus, a hospital visit and a trip to the doctor. All caused by those dreaded K9 teeth!

I’m talking eight teeth (between the two of them) in less than a week! My poor little girls put up as much of a fight as they could, but they had such an easy ride teething that they were no match for those pointy teeth.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the girls who suffered due to teething this time around. Their crib rails fell victim to the teething pains. I wasn’t keen on the idea of the girls chewing the paint right off of their crib rails so I ended up having to rig up some bite guards. They’re nothing fancy, but I made them myself and they seem to have done the trick.


I think the K9’s have fully made their way through (fingers crossed), now all that’s left are the two-year molars. They can’t possibly be worse than what they just experienced…can they?

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