Tantrums aren’t just for toddlers anymore

For the last month and a half, “M” has been in the worst mood in the morning and also right before bed. I wake her up for preschool and she runs and cries and tells me not to talk to her. You know, the “regular” stuff. I’ve found that it’s actually really taken a toll of me. I’m super tired before and after work, and dealing with her is actually really stressful. Sometimes I want to just sit there and cry along with her.

It got really bad after a “biting” incident at preschool. “M” being the receiver in the episode. I found she’s acting out a lot more, not listening, basically all the things an almost 3 year old should have been doing for the last 8 months of her terrible twos but really never seemed to get around to doing.

Every morning is a battle. I realize these little tantrums are normal, but you can only take so much. We call whatever this demon is that takes over her twice a day the “Ugly Attitude” and when she wakes up I can tell right away what type of day it will turn out to be.

Wish me luck… I’ve heard the “trying threes” aren’t any easier!

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