S’mores and Snowshoe Trek? Yes Please!

I don’t like S’mores. There I said it. I don’t know why… My family is Portuguese and I am first generation Canadian so graham crackers and marshmallows were not a staple in my house growing up.

It’s not like my family didn’t go camping. We did! And we also roasted marshmallows in the fire pit but nobody was ever inclined to put a perfectly roasted marshmallow (don’t burn them please!) in between graham crackers with chocolate. Sorry.

On our recent trip to Smugglers’ Notch, it was the first time that I felt that my kids were old enough to not be completed exhausted at the end of a day filled with skiing and so we planned a couple of family outings – no regrets here. I loved every minute of it.

Our first one: S’mores and Snowshoes

I may not like S’mores, but I do love showshoeing and of course, my kids love s’mores – especially since we don’t have them often… ahem, ahem, I’m responsible for the lack. Anyway, we went to the Nordic Center, put snowshoes on (don’t worry you don’t have to bring your own) and off we went. It was really nice for me to share showshoeing with my family as I love doing it so much and since I don’t ski, it was fantastic to do something together PLUS it was their first time so I was excited to see what they thought!

IMG_7238 575
Ready to go!


We trekked into the woods – it was dark already so we had head lamps on (cool, it was my first time) and we ended up at a spot where our guide built a fire, and you guessed it – we made s’mores. My kids probably had about four (big ones) each… I guess they felt that they needed to make up for lost s’mores. They were probably afraid that it would be their last time… maybe the fact that we hadn’t had dinner yet had something to do with it. Anyway, I didn’t mind. We were on holiday and what better setting to have sweets than in the dark woods, by a warm fire?

I had to have one too. I know, I know… But it wasn’t so bad. I was mortified by the woman and child on the trek with us who CHARRED their marshmallows. I’m trying really hard not to judge, you eat your s’mores any way you want to, but I still have to wonder, why? Why not just eat ash? I don’t get it…


IMG_7233 575
Not melty enough… but still yummy, well, it was ok. I haven’t had one since.


We trekked back to the Nordic Centre, took a few pics and called a shuttle (preferred method of transportation at SMUGGS) to take us back to our condo. A trek through the snowy woods before dinner was lovely, and we all slept pretty great that night.


IMG_7245 575
Happy kids = Great vacation


Smuggs was great when my kids were little and also great now that they are a little bit older. It’s a fun vacation spot that my family has enjoyed since my little one started skiing at the age of four. I love how we all enjoy doing different winter activities during our stay but still manage to spend quality time together.

With friendly staff that really LOVE what they do, everyone is just so chill and let me say it – happy. I was really impressed by how much all of our guides really loved working at Smugglers’ Notch which really creates a great place for families to make lasting memories.

Stay tuned to read about our next family adventure at SMUGGS: The Cat Trax Express and the one I’m most excited about: I MADE FIRE!



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