Smart Trike Four-in-One Recliner: Review

I had the opportunity to try out a Smart Trike Four-in-One Recliner (in black) with baby T and he loves it! The seat is adjustable and reclines, it has a ton of features too. Firstly, it reclines! This is awesome! It means T can take a snooze while M hits the park or we go for a long walk. Secondly, the steering is killer! M had a trike similar to this and this puts the other to shame. Its so easy to steer and I don’t need to pop a wheelie just to get up a curb. Plus it handles really well, easy to turn and all the movements are smooth. I liked that the handle was adjustable for whatever I was more comfortable with. Another bonus – what am I on? Number three?

Thirdly, the plastic bucket at the back is enough to throw a bottle of water in and the zippered pouch that attaches to the handle holds my phone, keys and some cash (just in case M hears the dreaded music from the ice cream truck). Fourthly, safety. The sun shade makes sure T stays out of the sun, the safety bar and five-point harness keeps him in place and me from worrying.

T likes it because it has an awesome toy bar (which I thought was a bit too close at the beginning, but not now), he can reach them and play with all three toys. It straps on, so no worries about when your little one gets older, it comes right off. Once T gets older the handle comes off and he can use it as a trike. M’s old one never got  the handle removed because the wheels weren’t good enough for her to use it as a trike.

This is great for six months to three years, and it’s cute! I like the pattern and that it is black and white, so for all of you only on baby number one, you can get this one without the fear of your next little one not being able to use it. Everything is washable, which, as every parent knows, is fantastic!

This can grow with your kids and it’s fun! Thanks to smarTrike for saving my back, now I can push T around and not have to carry him the whole time every walk!

  • Jo-Anne Pfoh

    wonderful review thanks for posting you provided me some important information

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