Shut Up and Eat! By Kathy Buckworth


From dinners to snacks and grocery shopping with kids, Kathy Buckworth shares stories of one of life’s biggest challenges, in her words, feeding your family. Buckworth doesn’t write about ideal family meals in this book. She tells it like it is – and it is hilarious! This is one of our favourite meal time books for parents of kids at any age. ~ Steph


From the mysteries of why food tastes better to kids after it’s passed through a drive-thru window, to the beauty of slightly intoxicated dinner guests and the art of dessert bribery, Shut Up and Eat is every mother’s guide to successfully feeding a family while balancing work, husband, soccer practice, and teen drama—all without spilling her glass of chardonnay!

Full of solid advice from the trenches of a household with four kids and two very busy parents and with a few recipes thrown in to get you through breakfast, lunch, snack time, and the potential mine field that is dinner, Shut Up and Eat! is a laugh-out-loud, all-too-true account of what really goes on around a family dinner table.

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