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So, I wanted to start my own blog. Why? Well, I really enjoy reading blogs – especially mommy blogs. And every time I read one, usually, I can relate. So I figured, why can’t I write one? I’m the editor of a baby magazine and I already have a website – so why not let people into my crazy life and why not let Oh Baby! readers know that I’m a nutjob? Why not?

Well, after putting together my pros and cons list – I LOVE lists, I also love using ellipses, (what I affectionately call dot-dot-dot) and exclamation marks – I decided to give it a go. So here I am, and what will I write about? ME!

I’m 34 – gasp! And I have two babies. Well, a four year old and a 21 month old who will always be my babies. I have a British husband and whenever women meet him they always giggle and tell me how much they love his British accent. I say, “what British accent? All I hear is someone who leaves his socks lying on the floor and doesn’t tidy up when he is alone with the kids”. Ok, that’s mean. Rewind…”what British accent? The novelty wore off about 10 years ago.” I have been told more than once that he looks like George Clooney …ahem. I don’t agree. But he does look a little like my boyfriend George Strombolopolous. Confession: he’s not really my boyfriend, but I like to call him that sometimes. Hubby says that the Georges actually look like HIM. Ahem, ahem.

Back to my blog. I’m so excited about this blog. I want to be completely honest here and tell it like it is. I’m crazy busy, but I also like to procrastinate on Twitter and Facebook. Follow me if you like at Beware, I swear a lot, which some may think is inappropriate for the editor of a baby magazine, but oh well, F@&K it!

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