Do it all Daddy

“Oh bloody hell” was my first thought when I had no option but to blog on my own site. Not another thing I don’t have time for. After thinking about it I realized that maybe this could be the only opportunity I have to rant about funny things that happen to a publisher of a baby mag. So, my blog will be the life and times of a sleep deprived do it all daddy who believes that all mommies are sexy, no matter what shape or size. I love being a publisher and a daddy. I do have lots of opinions on women and babies. My favourite place is obviously the park. I sit there while my 4 year old is causing havoc, and I check out the moms and think “do their husbands actually get any sex?” Ladies, do they? Or is it just hand relief?

  • Danal

    Of Course they do, there is always play time for moms too :)

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