Relaxing on the silver coast of Portugal

Jet lagged children are really never a great way to start a holiday. On our second night in Portugal we all slept 14 hours without interruption. For that, I thank God and black out shutters. As soon as I get back to Canada I NEED to invest in these.

After a few days of visiting a couple of my mother’s siblings and walking the cobble stoned streets of Caldas da Rainha we already felt like we needed a mini break.

It can be stressful to be staying in someone else’s house. Especially if you’re like me and don’t enjoy putting people out and disrupting their regular routine. Don’t misunderstand, we are being welcomed but I can’t imagine how two rambunctious kids could not be an inconvenience to someone who is used to living alone. We decided that we would spend one night away at a wonderful golf resort a twenty minute drive from us, just outside of Obidos, in Praya D’el Rey.

It was just what we needed at this moment. The Praya D’el Rey Marriott is a lovely coastal five star resort. It was only one night, but we spent two blissful days by the pool and enjoyed a sunset walk on the beach with our kids after a delicious buffet dinner. We enjoyed sunshine, great food and beautiful scenery – this was the perfect way to start off our vacation.

The resort was impressive with a welcoming hotel and beautiful villas surrounded by a lavish golf course and a gorgeous beach. Listening to the sound of the ocean and catching a cool sea breeze was calming and felt like just the right medicine for our jet lag.

The Praya D’el Rey  Marriott has a special interest in their youngest guests. There is an adorable kids club on site where you can leave your children ages three to twelve to spend the day doing arts and crafts, fun activities and of course swimming while under the care of qualified child care professionals.

Painting, baking cookies, karaoke, a mini-disco, and so much more, the kids club is open from 9:30am to 6pm but they also have evening options like a movie night or a babysitting service. I love that they focus on exercise and whether it is a surf lesson on land or gymnastics they adjust their schedule of activities depending on the ages of their mini guests.

While your little ones are having fun you can just relax or join other guests for tennis, surfing, bodyboarding, scuba diving, canoeing and scenic walking tours. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

It is an ideal place for me. Close to where my relatives live, it provided me with much needed relaxation. I’ll be back once my kids are older and I can enrol them in tennis or scuba diving school, while I recharge on the beach. Add this property to your list of places to visit if you’re ever on the silver coast of beautiful Portugal.

There are two things that I’m sad about. One is that we only stayed one night and didn’t get to enjoy all that the resort has to offer, and two, that I didn’t bring my workout wear, because they had a staffed 24 hour gym. Well maybe there is only one thing that I’m sad about…

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