The Real Baby Whisperers

By: Nicole McKay, CLD doula newborn

You know the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”? Sometimes after birth, that “village” is small – very small. With grandparents that might still be working or family living far away, you may be faced with only a few days off your partner can take and then you are on your own with your new baby who is changing every day.

Solution: expanding your network to include your postpartum doula. Postpartum doulas are there to help after the birth of your baby and are used to being called “baby whisperers”. They speak the language of your baby and they help you really understand it too. Her expertise is in newborn care, breastfeeding, and mothering the mother.

She is also there to help you so you have the time you need to transition into parenting without being left on the side of the road while all your help takes off. Postpartum doulas go at your pace and work with your individual family’s needs. This may mean she takes your dog for a walk, puts dishes in the dishwasher, changes diapers while you take a much needed shower, or rocks your baby so you can have a few hours of sleep.

Having a postpartum doula can also help you breastfeed with more success, reduce jealousy with older siblings because you can have some time with them (while the doula watches the baby), and even reducing the risk of postpartum mood disorders.

She comes to your home on a schedule that you both agree on. It may be mornings or evenings and some doulas will even help with the night-shift. Nothing will be a surprise to her and she is happy to help you figure out your own parenting style while you go from not having a baby to full-time feeding and diaper duty. Taking the extra stress and worries off of your mind and knowing who can help in the community is what your doula is all about.

Sounds like someone you may like to have around to help after your baby arrives! Postpartum doulas are available through Zen Beginnings – to book an interview or get more information, please call 416-480-ZENN or email




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