Registry Rant

So I have 8 weeks left to go for my first child and it is a whole new experience that some of it I expected and some of it I did not. I have been getting so overwhelmed by stuff that it has been sending me into frenzies on a regular basis. My baby shower is coming up in a week and a half and since I haven’t been working I don’t have much to do but sit around at home and surf the internet. So I have this bad habit of checking my registry daily normally more then once, and nothing is coming off of it. I am in a tight situation and don’t have the money to buy the things that I will need or like so I am really counting on my registry. Well I couldn’t find the play yard that I wanted from where I registered but I found it in an American store where my dad travels every week so I asked him if he could maybe get it and the swing and high chair to match. I woke up on Tuesday morning to find that he had dropped it off to my mom. So I went to take a look and found out it was two different sets and neither was the set I wanted. After having a meltdown Monday night before bed I still wasn’t in the right frame of mind so I had another melt down. I know that in my situation I should be grateful that he got it for me but in that moment all I could think of is how hard is it to get someone what they asked for after I had spent hours searching online for the set that I liked style and colour wise. Everyday I find myself obsessing over the wrong set or will anything come off my registry and I guess I just need to settle down and let what is meant to be be and thats all I can do right now.

– Anonymous

  • Claire

     I can relate to those hormones!!! Just relax, go for a walk, read a good book, take a nice bath, anything to help you relax.  Remember that what you feel will be passed on to your child.  I love my daughter but I know why she’s so emotional.  While I was pregnant with her we were renovating our basement, my grandmother died and then my father in law died (all in 2 months!).  Please remember that there will be many other things that will irritate you like for example when your child won’t go to sleep or eat!  Just because they are not coming off of the registry doesn’t mean that you’ll get them.  Your guests could be getting them from other stores with a less expensive price tag but the exact same product.  Remember the final product…you’ll be the mom of a beautiful baby…there are many people that will never, ever experience that.

  • anon.

    wow.  relax.  there are more important things in life.  your hands will be so full, the fact your stuff doesn’t match is going to be the least of your concerns.  learn to let it go now or you are going to lose your mind.  i would be happy to have a father that cared enough to buy me anything. 
    if you are in a tight spot, buy your things used from kijiji for a fraction of the cost.

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