Q & A: Co-sleeping – How to break the habit

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I  have heard alot about Ferberizing but don’t actually know how to do it. My son is 7 months sleeps with us and we are really trying to break the habit but how much should I let him cry and do I pick him up? So many questions, I don’t want to hurt him or damage in any way.

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It sounds like you are ready to move your son into his own bed, which is a process. You need to decide whether he is going to sleep in his own crib, or in a bed near you. Once you figure that out, he needs to learn how to sleep there for naps as well as during the night. There are many ways to train a baby when it comes to sleep. You need to decide which method suits you best. Ferber suggests putting your baby in his crib awake, and then going to him at timed intervals, which increase each time. For some parents, this works, but for others, it doesn’t. The most important thing is to find a method that suits you and then to try to be committed to it. Consistency is key when it comes to raising our children. Babies thrive on predictability. Remember to be patient and eventually, it will work out!

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