Preschool makes moms cry… what an evil place

So I ended up signing M up for full-time daycare/preschool. She was fine. We had the walk-through, checked the place out, everything was clean, the people were nice. I totally liked that they made all the food there and really, they loved that she was potty trained and so darn cute! LOL. We went 2 days for about an hour and a half so I could see her in the environment and the girls there could get to know me too.

Yes I totally brought homemade crayons for them to use. I brought all the stuff I was supposed to bring sunscreen, extra clothes, sippy cup, blanket, bag… all labeled and even remembered her immunization records and pics to put on the wall. To be honest… I don’t think I forgot anything – sweet!

We hung out during story time, then headed outside for play time. Man she’s small compared to everyone else. The play yard is ok uneven in spots but whatever that’s life lol. It’ll teach her to be careful and be aware of her surroundings.  After outside playtime we headed inside did a potty break and went home. I completely balled all the way home. I didn’t think it would be this hard. She was fine. Me…not so much. I literally thought I was going to throw up, then cry, then throw up again… what a wreck!

Hopefully Monday will be better for her first full day without me there. Plus I’ll have other stuff to worry about so that will take my mind off worrying about her. I think that sounds like a plan. And I’ll remember not to put on mascara until I get to work! Arrrgh…

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