Post Natal Excercise Q&A

I have 2 kiddies both by way of c section, my youngest is 12 months and I still get a horrible nagging pain by my incision when I try to do stomach work, any suggestions on different things that target lower abs without leg raises? – Carly

Congratulations!  The pain can definitely be frustrating.  I would recommend avoiding leg raises and crunches for a short time.  Focus on the deep core and drawing the navel in whenever possible.  Try the lying draw in exercise: begin lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor.  Draw the navel in and up and cement the abs in place (try not to let the belly button lift up).  Place your hands below your navel and try to feel a tightening as you engage.  Slowly bring one knee into the chest and lower without shifting the hips.  Switch and alternate sides while holding the core still.  Kegeling at the same time will help to engage the deep abs and target the lower portion of the abdominals.

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  • Chelsea Anne

    I’m going to be reading these blogs a lot next time around. Thanks!

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