Outdoor Playtime with Toddlers

Spring has sprung and everyone is itching to get outside and have some fun. If you have toddlers at home sometimes you have to be a little bit creative to ensure your children enjoy playing outside and exploring the outdoors. I’ve compiled a list of fun, toddler-friendly activities you can enjoy with your child this spring, summer and beyond!

Create a Sand Pit:  Kids love to play in the sand, but not all of us are fortunate to live near a beach, so sometimes you have to get creative by bringing the sand to your backyard. I suggest buying a sand pit that you can fill up and keep in your backyard. I recommend a sandpit that comes with a cover, so you can keep rainwater and other such things out of the pit while your child isn’t playing in it. In addition to just the pit you’ll need tools and toys that are sandpit friendly! Shovels and buckets are just the beginning. If you get creative your child will surely enjoy hours of fun and play in their new backyard sand pit.

Head Out and Explore: There’s surely a lot to explore right in your own backyard! A simple walk around the neighborhood boasts lots of fun activities like collecting rocks, counting the number of cats and dogs you see, etc. Hiking, biking and playing in a nearby park are all fun and easy options that I highly recommend, too. My kids and I often walk to the park together looking for bugs and counting cats along the way. Once we make it to the park we play on the swings and have a snack before heading back home. It’s a fun outing my toddlers always look forward to.

Get Artsy: Invest in some sidewalk chalk or washable paint and let your little one’s decorate your driveway however they see fit. Chalk allows children to be creative with colors and designs, and you can even make it educational by talking to your children about colors, shapes and numbers while they draw. Drawing with sidewalk chalk can be a great bonding activity for siblings, too, as they’re working together to create a masterpiece of sorts!

Splish-Splash: It’s all about the kiddie pool, right? Of course heading to the local aquatic center is always a fun outing, but having a kiddie pool right in your own backyard is a must! Toddlers will enjoy learning about water, discovering what types of things sink versus float and splashing around on a warm day. Please supervise your child whenever they’re in or nearby to the kiddie pool.

There’s plenty to do outside, so what are you waiting for? Enjoy spring outdoors with your toddler!

Happy parenting!


Daddy Nickell


Daddy Nickell, father of 7, founder of Daddy & Co. and the Daily Daddy Blog.


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