One Foul Swoop

How is it that everything I was holding onto to keep my little girls ‘babies’ could be gone in one foul swoop?

We talked up giving their soothers to Santa’s baby reindeer for six months…half of a year! And within two nights they weren’t even mentioned! Almost four-years of having something that they relied on night after night was over in 48-hours. How is that even possible?

And that was just the beginning!

That same week they also decided that they no longer needed their Pull-Ups during the night.

We had our sneaky routine down pat: we would put them to bed in their regular underpants and about two-hours later we would carry them to the toilet for a sleepy-pee. We would then slip on their pull-ups and that would be it until morning.

Well that all changed very quickly: Our one daughter who had never woken up with dry pull-ups started complaining that they were bothering her, she refused to let us change her even as she was half asleep. So we just kept her regular underpants on and boom! She woke up dry! It’s been a week now and (knock on wood) she’s only had one accident! Our other daughter has been waking up dry for months but I just figured that we would transition them at the same time. Well silly me…apparently I was the one who needed the transition period, not them!

And last but not least…my beloved nap time.

I somehow managed to get my girls to love naps as much as I do for almost four-years!  I know, that’s a long time for toddlers to keep their naps, but I loved it … and so did they. Until they didn’t!

Once bedtime started getting pushed back to about 10:30 night after night we knew it was time for a change.

These days; naps might happen, they might not, it just depends on the day, how they’re feeling and what we have going on. And I have to admit that it’s kind of nice. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good 20-minute power nap, but now I feel like I can get so much more accomplished in a day!

I just can’t believe how quickly these three important things just changed in the blink of an eye. I look at my ‘babies’ and realize that they’re not so little anymore. Oh and did I mention that we just registered them for Kindergarten.  *sigh*

Hold them tight and try not to wish the time away, when they say that it flies by they aren’t kidding.

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