No more excuses!

So ya I’ve hit my breaking point with this whole baby weight thing. Fyi it’s now no longer “baby weight.” Its officially just FAT! (great).  I’ve linked up with a name brand weight loss program and will be starting their full program soon. I will be blogging about my experiences. Their food, my likes and dislikes etc. I’ve always wanted to try it out so I figured heck ya! I’ll try it out for 4 months, let you all in on all the deets… the good stuff, what to stay away from and literally how I’m feeling at every step of the way. Plus, my sister in law is getting married in October, the bridesmaid dresses are a burnt orange colour so really I don’t want to look like a pumpkin and have to roll myself down the isle LOL. I lasted a week on p90x. Totally was not for me. I’m more of a hit the gym or play a sport person, so trying to keep up with vids that aren’t yoga or pilates… totally not my style!

I’d love to hear from readers to see what I should expect… for those that tried any of the programs that include buying food from them, what you lost… was it easy to follow… all the nitty gritty! I always find it easier to hear from real people that have had real experiences!

Well… this whole new journey will start at the end of May so I guess I have a month to get rid of all the Easter chocolate or eat my way through it whichever is easier! LOL… kidding! Arggghh.. I should go dust off the treadmill too, eh?

  • karebare

    Honestly a Diet is a lifestyle, so don’t plan something short term it will never work for life. If you plan to use the “plan” as a lifestyle change to get you started great!

  • karebare

    I meant to type a little more: Taking control of your diet needs to be satisfying long term, so controlling portion and scheduling meals (whether its three or five a day) is most important but you need to eat what you like or you will not last on the plan… I actually chose a “pescetarian” diet and find that without the heavy reliance on meat as a meal I eat more thoughtfully and still get to eat a lot of italian, spanish, greek, etc style meals – and my husband eats from my plate more!

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Thanks Karebare! Great advice! 

  • Kai

    When did you moms start working out.  I had a C-section and my DD just turned 3 months, I’m still breastfeeding but I really hate this extra flab…is it time? 

    • Baby Bottom Line

      Hi Kai… I was on BP meds for like 4 months… but typically I’ve heard not to over exert yourself for 4-5 months. Make sure your you the ok too! :)

      Don’t worry about breastfeeding… keep hydtrated and eating healthy to insure you keep up your supply :) 

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