My Twin Birth Story

On Wednesday, April 10th, I was on my way to my weekly OB appointment. Little did I know that I would go into labour that night. My life forever changed in the wee hours of April 11th as we welcomed two beautiful angels into our family, our twin girls Isla and Gwendolyn.

I began my checkup with an ultrasound. All seemed good until the technician calculated the girl’s weight. It came as quite a shock that Baby A hadn’t gained weight in the two weeks since my last ultrasound. Next was my internal exam and the discovery that I was already 4cm dilated and 100% effaced! Holy smokes these girls were getting ready! Because of the concerns with Baby A’s size (1 ½ pounds less than Baby B) my doctor insisted I proceed to the hospital right away! So at 36 weeks and one day my careful little birthing plans went out the window. Now, how accurate are ultrasound scans in predicating babies’ weight?  Not very, as we later found out.

I was obviously nervous and maybe a little upset that I was to go into labour weeks early. Naturally I was going to do what is best for the girls and follow my doctors advice, but 36 weeks is still a touch premature, even for twins, and Baby A was so active in utero I really couldn’t believe she could have any issues. I was in a slight stupor when the doctor made the decision. I went numb. I had my son with me, my husband was at work and I wasn’t even remotely prepared so I think I can be forgiven for thinking, “What do you mean now? Seriously?”

But everything fell into place as if the Universe was listening. My husband’s good friend was coincidentally at his restaurant when I phoned him and was able to come over and babysit our son, my best friend joined us at the hospital and I had a relatively easy labour. Giving birth is life changing and life affirming. There is no experience on this beautiful planet that is its equal.

I can truly thank my one class of hypnobirthing I was fortunate enough to attend at Zen Beginnings (I certainly would have loved to be at more, but something came up!) It helped me so much and gave me the inspiration to keep going.

At 6:25am I pushed and I pushed and I pushed some more and my beloved Isla came into the world. It was amazing and euphoric. As I listened for that first cry and I can’t even begin to tell you the emotion I felt. I delivered my girls naturally! I got a top up from the catheter in case Baby B flipped, but she remained head down and 11 minutes later Gwendolyn arrived and as I waited for her beautiful cry the rush of emotion returned and I dissolved in tears of joy. I felt their squishy heads as they crowned and the maternal spirit welled in me to overflowing. Just an amazing experience. AMAZING! Isla was 6.1 pounds and Gwen was 6.2 pounds.

I was on a high. A monumental high. I never thought I would experience this kind of feeling after birthing twins. I can’t tell you how sublime twins are. They are such a delight and joy and we are loving our family of 5!

  • Jennifer

    they are simply gorgeous and I am so glad you had such a positive and emotional experience!

  • Little Miss Kate

    You are AMAZING! I am so happy that you got the birth you wanted! And your girls are adorable!

  • Kelly Connor

    What an amazing story! I am so glad they were both born happy & healthy. What great birth weights.

  • Shayna Murray

    Oh wow those are impressive weights for preterm twins! Good work mom! Congratulations to you and your family!

  • SandyEl

    They are so beautiful Erica! Congratulations!!!

  • EverythingMomandBaby

    Thank you so much everyone! I look at them and still can’t believe these are the little girls that were in my belly. Happy and healthy and full of life. We’re doing so well!

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