My kid officially hates her high chair

Recently “M” started to get a little antsy when we put her in her highchair and I’ve finally hit my breaking point! We bought one of the fancy shmancy 3 in 1 convertible highchairs, which has been awesome…until now.

She’ll eat in it sometimes or colour or um.. ya that’s about it… I don’t know what to do. Getting her in there is ridiculous! I mean literally kicking and screaming, talk about terrible 2’s…man! I just think she wants to be a big girl and since she’s been walking she doesn’t sit down! Last night I made pasta, her fave, with fresh pasta sauce and she screamed getting her in her chair. I tried to get her in there and she’d keep taking a foot out and trying to climb out. It was so bad a foot ended up in her dinner. It took me 10 minutes to get her in and it’s like this EVERY time. Does anyone have any suggestions? Santa is bringing her a table and chair set (he told me… I have connections lol). So I’m hoping maybe that will help! Otherwise I’m stumped…

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