My Birth Story

How my third baby changed my mind on labour and delivery.

My first babe, Henry, was born on a freezing winter day after a long and anxiety inducing induction that I did not want, but had to have due to his being 2 weeks late. That, my first labour was totally against everything I wanted as a mother (you know, like never co-sleeping, exclusively breastfeeding and more).

The hospital birth was not what I wanted, but thankfully, I got to have the home birth I did want with Lachlan. That labour was long, uncomfortable and really not what I was hoping for when I wished for a home birth. I firmly believe (at least, I keep telling myself) that Lauchie’s labour was super long because the induction I’d had with Henry didn’t’ allow my body to work through a natural birth.

With Angus, I was very open to having whatever happen. I didn’t love the idea of the hospital, but 20 hours of labour was not something I wanted to go through again pain free. When I was given the opportunity to wear a Dressed to Deliver maternity dress, to be honest, at first, I didn’t think I was going to wear it, but took the dress anyways thinking, “If, in the off chance I end up at the hospital, I can wear it there, because I’m planning on having this baby at home, and I won’t care to put on a dress specifically to give birth.”

Hoo boy. When will I learn?

The day I had Angus, I not only wasn’t expecting to go into labour, but when it became apparent that I was going to have the baby, I was expecting it to happen the next day. But of course, best laid plans, right?

When our midwives arrived, and they were going to check to see how far I was dilated, I realized that in case my water broke, I didn’t want that to happen on the pretty sun dress I was wearing, so I asked Matt to bring me something else to wear. I got really specific in this moment, and asked for my Dressed to Deliver dress.

Against everything I thought about myself, I was so grateful to have the dress and wear it during my delivery. The midwives were able to check the baby’s vitals, it was wildly comfortable and when he was born, it was really easy to pop the straps off and breastfeed. I wasn’t worried about damaging anything or ruining anything and after a quick wash, the dress looks brand new!

I loved it so much, I passed it on to a newly pregnant friend, and told her to think about wearing it during her labour and delivery, because it honestly was awesome.

Six months ago, I never thought I’d be so happy to have a dress specifically designed for labour and delivery, but my whole fast, crazy birth was made easier by having a no-brainer outfit for the occasion. Funny how our kids are constantly making us eat our words, eh?

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