Mother’s day… what it’s really about

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little excited about this Mother’s Day. It’s the first one with baby “T” here and honestly it’s the first one where I don’t feel like something is missing. I didn’t even notice that I felt like something was missing until he was born…weird. It’s exciting and sad all at the same time. It’s my first one with him, but my last with a new baby. M isn’t in pre-school, she’s home with me so no crafts for Mom this year, unless I sit down and make them with her. Sad to say, somehow I don’t think that has the same impact.

Mother’s day is full of love, spending time with your little ones and enjoying being a Mom. That being said it is very much a one of those holidays that can be quite overdone. I like feeling special for that day but, really, our lives should be filled with love every day! I’m not one for cards, honestly; I think they are completely a waste of money. However I do fall into the commercialism and hype of the holiday.

With the weather getting nicer we’ve been taking a walk to the park every night. It lets me spend time with the kiddies and get some exercise that doesn’t involve a treadmill every night. This is the time I love, this is what being a Mom is about, watching your first born learning to ride a bike and a scooter while you snuggle with your baby (who’s usually passed out in the carrier). Getting out, being healthy and enjoying each other.

Forget about the cards and spend time with your kids’ people! Those are the times that they will remember and you will cherish.

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