Love Is…

You’ve probably experienced love in your life. Or at least I hope that you have.

I feel lucky to be able to say that I’ve experienced it in many forms; from my parents and family members, from friends who I consider family, from my pup and of course from my husband.

It wasn’t until I had kids that I realized there’s a whole different world of love that I didn’t know existed: The kind of love that has you doing things that you never thought of. Never dreamed, dared or thought possible, but now that you’re living it you wouldn’t change it for the world.

Love is:

▪   Sucking boogies out of your little ones nose in order to help them breathe during cold and flu season.

▪   Sticking a glycerine suppository up their little bum when they can’t poop in order to give them some relief.

▪   Wearing puke and spit up on a daily basis and not even batting an eye.

▪   Cleaning poopy bums and lots of them.

▪   Putting bum cream on those poopy bums.

▪   Turning your comfy king size bed into a bed for four in order to help them sleep through their reflux.

▪   Losing sleep and lots of it whether it’s to feed their hungry bellies, calm them after a bad dream or make them feel better when they’re not feeling well.

▪   Your favourite room in the house is quickly converted into the baby den.

▪   When any free time you have is spent making purées or pumping.

▪   When the things you used to think were important fade into the background and are replaced with new concerns, thoughts and ideas focusing solely on your babies.

When I became a mom, I learned a lot about myself. I was introduced to limits that I never knew existed and revealed strengths that I didn’t know I had. I also found out just how much I’m willing to do for someone else. Two little someones who look at me and my husband everyday with love in their eyes as if to say “you are my whole world.”

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