It’s a baby extravaganza!

If you love babies, then boy are you going to be jealous of me.

I’ve come for a family vacation to England to meet the newest additions to my family.

First there is the lovely Eftihia – yes, you too can say this: F – Tee – Hee – Ah.

See? Easy peasy.

She’s the oldest at eight months and she’s the lovely creation of my sister in law Zoe and her husband Mike. She’s the prettiest little girl with such big round eyes, beautiful smile and so much curiosity. She also loves to eat leaves…


Then there’s the little man Jack. At seven months with his gentlemanly stature, he runs the household belonging to my brother in law George and his lovely wife Helen. He is the sweetest little guy. He always has a smile for you and a little giggle here and there. He is such a charmer and really seems to just love everyone.


Then, last, but most certainly not least, there are the twins who blessed my sister in law Joanna and her husband Nick. They are six months old and they are Andreas & Christopher. I can honestly say that I have never seen babies as calm as these two. They are both so smiley and cuddly, and they get such enjoyment from really just lying there.



At just months apart, it’s amazing at how they are all at different developmental stages. I’m so happy to have finally met them all, and I can’t wait to see their personalities flourish!

Happy grandparents!

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