Is it time for a big girl room?

I think it’s that time, M needs a big girl room. Which means new paint, new ideas (have a ton thanks to Pinterest), new furniture – ahhh!!! I haven’t changed her room at all since see was born other than converting her crib into a toddler one. I’m even thinking of moving her room to where the office if to completely start fresh, and give me the time to do it properly. Am I totally crazy?

Then there’s little miss opinion that I’ll have to basically talk in to all my ideas. I’m thinking teal and lime, a reading area with bean bags and a fun rug, paint her bookshelf, paint some wooden crates for wall storage and find some super feminine frames and mirrors to have on an accent wall.

She loves blue. I’m thinking that it’s probably my fault considering almost every room in the house is a shade of blue but she consistently tells me that’s what she wants and it doesn’t change day to day so I think it’s safe to start looking for colours.

I’m thinking that maybe hitting up Ikea and walking thru the kids rooms will give me some more inspiration and, well, the push I need to get it started. Then there’s the carpet… do I dare deal with re-flooring the entire upstairs? Especially while we’re in the beginnings of finishing the basement (which will become a full out playroom, powder room, family room and a craft area for me too!). Plus don’t forget the princess girly hide-away I’m planning on making for her under the stairs! She’s just going to die when she sees what I have in store!

I think we may be taking on more than we can chew but you know what? She deserves it! She’s a good girl, she starts school next year and she’s a tough cookie! Hopefully I don’t kill myself trying to do all of this before Christmas (yes, you heard correctly!). I want to see her enjoy it all! Happy home reno’s to everyone else that’s as nuts as I am!

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