I’m a wimp

I discovered this week that my daughter, at 3 years old, is braver than I ever will be.  She is a child who loves to take chances.  She will play on the monkey bars and get mad if we try to support her.  She will slide down the biggest of slides.  When we went on our trip to Calgary (first time on a plane for her) she had to see out the window at how high we were going.

Monday we went for our flu shots.  When I get a needle, I can’t watch.  Be it the flu shot or blood tests, if I see the needle, there is a pretty good likelihood I will pass out.  I can watch other people get it done, just not myself.

Well my daughter put me to some shame that day.  The doctor came in with the needle and she just sat there.  I expected her to hold on to me or move away when he got closer but she didn’t.  I gave her my hand just in case but it was like nothing to her.  The needle went in her arm and I expected her to cry or tear up and she just sat there.  It was nothing to her.  She actually smiled at me when it was done.  She got her lollipop and was ready to go.

When it was my turn, I swear she could read the fear on my face even though I tried to hide it.  She came over to sit beside me and held my hand.  She told me not to worry, it won’t hurt.  When the needle went in (that I didn’t see) I flinched and had to hold in the OW so I wouldn’t look like a wimp in front of my daughter.  I actually left the office a little embarrassed.  I’m supposed to be there for my little girl and be brave for her.  How did the tables get turned in just a few years?  Is it possible my daughter is braver than me and the act I have been putting on has been more for me than for her????

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that she is brave and not afraid of as many things as I am, but I also worry about it.  Do I have to look forward to her climbing Mt. Everest, diving with the sharks or whatever other dangerous past time is out there?  Is my future going to be about worrying about her even more than I normally would?  I can’t wait to see what amazing things my little girl will accomplish in her lifetime but I definitely hope they will be safe ventures that won’t give me a nervous breakdown…LOL!

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