I Renege!

Okay, do you remember when I wrote my recent blog ‘Mommies Don’t Have Time to Get Sick’? Well I will admit that I wish I had never written it!

It has nothing to do with the actual writing itself or getting backlash from it, but it has everything to do with the fact that I think I jinxed myself!

Since writing that blog at the start of the fall season I have been sick for the entire month of November. And I don’t mean sniffles and a little cough, I mean sinus infection, constant dry coughing, antibiotics and sleeping downstairs so that the rest of my family could get some sleep.

I think that I caught the initial cold from the girls but it hit me like a tonne of bricks while they bounced back. I wound up with a sinus infection and, although we have a lot of the same symptoms, they didn’t get hit quite as hard as I did.

It’s been cold after cold since Halloween!

Since then I’ve ensured we’re all getting multivitamins and definitely vitamin C, lots of water for me and the girls and I’ve even had to limit our outings.

We’ve missed out on a couple of mommy groups, resulting in me having to dig deep into my bag of tricks to keep the girls entertained in the house. Play doh, dried macaroni and building forts have become the new norm. I can hardly wait until this passes so we can stop hibernating.

Yes, I will admit that I’m trying to limit their exposure to others while this dreaded snotty, hacking cold bug circles our home out of fear that they catch something else. But I also don’t want to expose others to the mucous monster that I speak of. And in all honestly, it ‘s a heck of a lot of work to get out the door when you and your kids are sick and for me,  just not worth the effort.

So, the next time I feel like writing a blog about my ‘luck’ I’m definitely going to think twice just in case it decides to bite me in the you know what!

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