Mommies Don’t Have Time to get Sick

When it comes to the common cold our household gets hit hard. With two babies we are two times more likely to pick up germs. If one avoided catching a cold while out shopping or playing the other most likely didn’t dodge the bullet.

So when one of the girls starts to get a runny nose I know that I’ve got about 48 hours before the other catches it.

I had initially tried keeping specific toys for each child when a cold was going through the house, but these efforts proved futile. Sharing a bedroom and pretty much everything that they come in contact with on a daily basis I’ve just come to the realization that if one gets a cold so will the other.

And the colds don’t discriminate when it comes to age. My husband unfortunately catches a cold from our daughters every single time.

After we’ve gone through boxes of tissues, doses of saline and a lot of Vicks I’ve nursed my girls through two headcolds and my husband through the dreaded man cold and somehow come out on the other side untouched!

I’m not sure if it’s the same in every household but between caring for all other members of the family, it appears that mommies just don’t have time to get sick.

And maybe it’s not just mommies. Maybe stay at home daddies are immune too? Perhaps it’s the person who does the majority of the child rearing. I’d love to get feedback and find out just how many times those who take care of the house and those in it actually get sick. Could it be that we just don’t have time to let the cold catch us?  Or maybe we do get sick but are just too busy to notice?

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