How to pick apples!

I have never taken M apple picking. I”m not exactly sure why, just haven’t done it. So, this year is the year I think! Perfect photo opp with T and she’ll have a blast! I did want to do a bit of research before going about how to tell if the apple is ripe and ready for picking. I found a few interesting facts that I thought I would share with everyone:

  • Once you pick an apple off a tree, it stops ripening.
  • The apples on the outside of the tree will ripen before the ones on the inside of the tree.
  • Twist the apples…don’t pull them!
  •  Be gentle with them…they bruise too!
  • Keep them in the fridge or cantina, they like it cool!
  • Never keep potatoes and apples together… the apples will rot.

I do make my own apple sauce, so I can’t wait to go and pick a few bushels! All you do is core, peel and chop the apples, throw them in a pot and cook them down with a bit of water. I also add some cinnamon; both T and M love it so I tend to add quite a bit. Once the apples are tender you can take them off the stove. Let them cool and stick them in the blender…that’s it! Sometimes I had blueberries or raspberries to some of it too, just to have a few different options. Now that I’ve got the down low, I need to determine which farm we’ll go to!

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