Hello sunshine!

Kids in Vancouver are practically rain-proof. Most kids here have two pairs of rubber boots, a couple of rain jackets and an umbrella. And most of them have no problem running out in the rain to play without any of the above-mentioned items! Here, if you don’t get out in the rain, you will hardly get out at all during the winter and spring months.

But when the sun comes out…[cue the operatic “aaaaahhhhh” singing], it’s like everyone’s won the lottery.

The other day, the sun miraculously came out, and my kids immediately put on tank tops and shorts (even though it was still only 11 degrees C out) and demanded to play with our giant octopus sprinkler in the backyard.

Finally, we get a little sunshine and all they want is to get all wet again. Just goes to show ya that in Vancouver, you can keep the rain off the kid, but you can’t keep the kid out of the rain! Liquid sunshine, baby.

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