Halloween Treats

Halloween is upon us and as a parent I know our little boils and ghouls will be filled with sticky sweets to the max. So to counter all that sugariness why not throw in some fun, healthier, kid friendly treats that will make the little monsters happy as well as their mommies?

These are also great for parties and kids of all ages! Enjoy!

Mummy Fingers

½ package of cocktail weenies ( or regular hotdogs cut in half)
1 yellow bell pepper cut into fingernail shapes
1 package Pillsbury Crescents, cut into long strips.




Cut a notch out of each weenie to hold yellow pepper fingernail.
Wrap strip of crescent around weenie forming mummy like bandage.
Bake at 350°Ÿ for 15 minutes.


You may serve mummy fingers as is with small bowls of ketchup and/or plum sauce for dipping or cut bottom tip off roll and place in a pool of ketchup “blood”.






1 small pie pumpkin hollowed and carved with “barfing”  face.
Assorted raw veggies for dipping
Dip of your choice.


Wash, hollow and carve pumpkin
Place on platter and arrange veggies around mini jack-o-lantern
Pour dip into pumpkin making sure to push down as you fill so dip seeps out of mouth of pumpkin creating “barfing” effect.


*Note, this can also be done with my Guacamole dip with corn chips and assorted veggies for dipping.


Eye Ball Punch


1 can of Lychee in light syrup, drained syrup reserved
1 pint of blackberries cut in half
1 can of pineapple juice
1 591ml bottle of Lime Crush
Juice of 2 lemons
Plastic witch’s cauldron

Make the eyeballs:


Shove ½ a blackberry into the hollow of the lychee fruit. Place on parchment lined cookie sheet and freeze.
In punch bowl (Cauldron):


Mix together the reserved lychee syrup, pineapple and lemon juice and Lime Crush.
Stir in frozen eyeballs. Serve with plastic martini glasses.



Happy Halloween!

  • Joanna

    these are brilliant ideas and very easy, love it!! thanks a bunch xx

  • TRap

    LOVE the barfing pumpkin idea. Very cute – now I just need a party to go to or host! ; )

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